Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Did you know that almost half of adults neglect to take care of their teeth on a regular basis? Most people hesitate to go to the dentist due to dental anxiety while others are fearful and uncomfortable. When patients visit for cleanings and other procedures, some of them endure pain as a result of underlying medical conditions. Thus resulting to possible fear or dental anxiety. If any of that rings a bell, you need to know how Dr. Bashar's sedation dentistry can help you maintain your perfectly good looking smile with ease!


Most research indicates that 15% of all dental patients have dental anxiety. Anxiety can be treated with medicine, but it frequently makes getting medical attention difficult. Patients can receive the support they need at the level they require with sedation alternatives. This makes the appointment simpler to handle, and over time, it may even result in a shift in views toward dental care.


We can provide you with sedative solutions for uncomfortable dental procedures to keep you at ease. Any patient in Edina, Minnesota, who anticipates substantial discomfort from a procedure can take advantage of this service from their dentist. Find out what we can do to help by talking about your concerns with us.


People with complicated dental relationships frequently find themselves in need of more invasive treatment than they otherwise would, and this is usually because they neglected preventive care. In order to reduce the likelihood of later developing complex issues, sedation offers those patients options that can help their situations.

CONTACT US RIGHT AWAY. If you require a dental appointment and you are concerned about discomfort or anxiety, Dr. Bashar will be able to assist you. Visit our clinic in Edina, Minnesota or call us at (612) 800-8002.