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Dental Implants: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked QuestionsEDIC - Edina MN

What are dental implants and how do they work?

  • Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement option ...

    Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement option that involve placing a small titanium post into the jawbone to act as a replacement tooth root. A replacement tooth, or crown, is then placed on top of the post. This allows for a permanent, stable replacement tooth that functions just like a natural tooth.

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Is getting a dental implant painful?

  • During the procedure, patients are typically given ...

    During the procedure, patients are typically given a local anesthesia or IV sedation to ensure they are comfortable and pain-free. After the procedure, there may be some mild discomfort or swelling, but this can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

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How long does it take to get a dental implant?

  • The process of getting a dental implant typically takes ...

    The process of getting a dental implant typically takes several months to complete. The first step is the placement of the implant post, which is done in a single office visit. After the post is placed, the jawbone needs time to heal and fuse with the post, a process called osseointegration. This can take several weeks to several months. Once the post is fully integrated, the replacement tooth is placed. However, a temporary tooth replacement can be utilized until the healing is complete.


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Are there any restrictions on what I can eat with dental implants?

  • After the implant placement, it is recommended to avoid ...

    After the implant placement, it is recommended to avoid hard, crunchy, or sticky foods for a few weeks to allow the implant site to heal. Once the implant is fully integrated and the replacement tooth is placed, you can eat whatever you want. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene, just like with your natural teeth.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

  • Dental implants may be covered by dental insurance ...

    Dental implants may be covered by dental insurance, but it depends on the individual policy. Some insurance plans will cover a portion of the cost, while others may not cover them at all. It is recommended to check with your insurance provider to see what is covered.


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