Be Relax and Calm At The Dentist with Sedation Dentistry

Be Relax and Calm At The Dentist with Sedation Dentistry

You're not alone if you find it tough to visit a dental clinic. Many adult patients experience dental anxiety or fear that makes seeing a dentist extremely difficult. Our staff at Elegant Dental Clinic in Edina, Minnesota, urges you to opt for sedation dentistry during your visit if necessary rather than skipping your scheduled dental appointments.

Sedation is advantageous to patients who:

  1. has dental phobia or negative dental encounters in the past.
  2. dislike the dental office's sounds and odors.
  3. have trouble staying stationary for very long.
  4. require extensive or complicated dental work.
  5. possesses delicate teeth or a gag reflex.



General anesthesia is a type of medically induced unconsciousness that is only used for extremely complex dental procedures and patients who are afraid of dentists. Unless the dental clinic has a fully functional surgical suite, patients who require this type of sedation frequently undergo treatment in a hospital setting. During the procedure, an anesthesiologist will be present at your appointment to keep track of all of your vital signs. To recover completely from your treatment, you'll need a ride home and a few days of rest.


Nitrous oxide, also referred to as "laughing gas," has calming effects when inhaled through the nose. Your euphoric and relaxed condition brought on by nitrous oxide aims in reducing anxiety or restlessness. You will be able to drive yourself home following your appointment because this is the mildest type of anesthesia and has no side effects.


IV sedation, which is administered intravenously, is very adaptable and highly efficient at reducing discomfort relating to dental treatments. During their visit, many patients experience light sleep, but they are always alert enough to respond to verbal requests. IV sedation is the best option for you if your anxiety is more intense or you don't want to recall about your dental session.


Oral sedation is a calming anti-anxiety sedation option. You will take a pill orally, a few hours before your session. You will feel at ease and relieved during the duration of your dental appointment and won't be concerned about your surroundings. It is advisable that someone drive you home following your appointment because the effects of sedation may take awhile.


Consider getting sedation dentistry? Make an appointment with Dr. Bashar right away at our dental clinic in Edina, Minnesota to find out which option is best for you. Call us at (612) 800-8002.