Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

Improving one's health is something that many individuals in Edina, Minnesota aim to do these days. They give more thought to the impact of the food they consume and the items they use daily to their overall health. Gladly, holistic dentistry is used by Dr. Bashar and his team at Elegant Dental clinic to treat patients, and this approach frequently has positive effects on the patient’s overall health.

What does “holistic” mean?

When it comes to treating our patient's oral health, holistic means that we consider everything that is happening in the body rather than only focusing on one specific area. By concentrating on the body as a whole rather than just one area, we may be able to treat the problem at its source. Dr. Bashar and his team also take other physical and mental health systems into account that can influence a patient's symptoms in addition to oral health systems.

How Patients Can Benefit

Patients gain a variety of benefits from a holistic approach:

  1. Provide accurate medication, we can treat the cause rather than the symptoms.
  2. Develop a customized treatment plan. 
  3. We can give them suitable alternatives. 
  4. We can give them the appropriate treatment. 

Our goal at Elegant Dental is to offer patients the most cutting-edge treatment options possible, taking into account their overall health while choosing the most appropriate course of action. In addition, Dr. Bashar enlightens patients on therapies so they feel more at ease and informed about the course of action that needs to be done in every dental procedure.

Find out more today!

Dr. Bashar will be able to help you feel at ease, and guide you with the treatments that can improve the quality of your life. Make an appointment at our clinic in Edina, Minnesota or visit our website to learn more about our holistic dental services. Call us at (612) 800-8002.