Can Dental Implants Cause Gum Disease?

Can Dental Implants Cause Gum Disease?

Looking for a solution to close any gaps left by lost teeth so you can eat properly and smile with confidence? Perhaps dental implants are your best option to improve the quality of your life, and smile confidently just like before! 

Have you been discouraged from getting dental implants because of unfounded stories about how they can cause gum disease? Let's explore more closely to discover the root causes of gum disease. If your gums aren't strong enough to sustain dental implants, our clinic in  Edina, Minnesota may suggest an alternative treatment.


Gingivitis and periodontitis are two of the most widespread gum conditions. If left untreated, periodontitis, a bacterial infection that causes gum inflammation, can progress to gingivitis. The region where your gums attach to the base of your teeth is referred to as a sulcus. The area is large enough for food and plaque to lodge, which can cause a gum infection. Gingivitis can separate the gums from the teeth, which could harm the soft tissues, and bone supporting the tooth.

Similar to how natural tooth roots do, dental implants function the same. Your natural tooth roots are not the cause of your gum disease, so it's safe to say, your dental implants also do not cause gum disease.

Before you qualify for a dental implant surgery in Edina, Minnesota, our dental specialist will examine your oral environment. Your gum line must be healthy in order for you to be given consideration for dental implants. Your evaluation comes before any decision is made regarding dental implants. If your teeth and gums are healthy enough and you are a good candidate for dental implants, our dentist will do a thorough mouth examination. If not, we will suggest substitute procedures to replace any lost teeth you may have or offer advice on how to get your gums healthy for dental implant surgery.


Are you sick of having gaps in your teeth or having the impression that something is still firmly rooted there? Are you prepared to reclaim your confidence, and improve the quality of your life? Make an appointment by calling Dr. Bashar at our clinic in Edina, Minnesota.