Dental Implants – Why So Special?

Dental Implants – Why So Special?

If you have decayed or lost teeth, you might be interested in knowing what solutions are available to address this problem. If this is the case, Dr. Bashar in Edina, MN might advise getting dental implants.

Dental implants are a fantastic option to receive a new, gorgeous smile. Your dental implants provide naturally-looking and functioning outcomes, allowing you to carry out your daily activities with ease and comfort!


You might be curious how dental implants are placed and what your results might be. To replace any teeth that are crooked, or unsuitable for a healthy oral environment, dental implants are inserted in the jawbone and then covered with a naturally-looking crown or tooth cap.

A dental specialist will examine your mouth, gums, and jaw to determine whether you are a good candidate for dental implants before having them inserted because the condition of these areas might affect how long the implants last.


Despite the fact that dental implants are a lifetime investment and perform similarly as your natural teeth, it is still crucial to take adequate care of them. This entails cleaning them as directed by a dentist and abstaining from any harsh, acidic, hard, or sticky meals. This is to make sure that your dental implants will last long. Also, to gain guidance from your dental expert, be sure to maintain frequent dental checkups.

A fresh look and grin that is realistic looking, and functions like natural teeth can be achieved with the help of dental implants. It is critical to select a dental expert who is keen about your expectations and requirements for this restorative procedure and who can point you in the direction of a personalized treatment plan. Prior to placing the implants, a dentist should thoroughly examine your oral health to ensure quality and lifespan.


Make an appointment right now to talk about your concerns and begin your dental implant journey! We encourage you to visit Dr. Bashar at our Edina, MN office to get to know him. Schedule your consultation today!