Esteem Full-arch Implants Vs. Dentures

Esteem Full-arch Implants Vs. Dentures

Full-arch dental implants are among the most sought after dental procedures to restore your smile, oral health, overall health, and even your self-confidence if you are suffering from multiple tooth loss or completely without teeth. Our dental clinic in Edina, Minnesota will be able to give you comprehensive advice on various types of tooth replacement options, especially dental implants.



Normally, a dentist in Edina, Minnesota, would suggest a dental bridge or denture restoration option if a patient had several missing teeth. Dentures are your full arch prosthetics replacing your missing teeth that are glued on your gums with an adhesive. As time goes by, the absence of a tooth root to promote normal bone growth will cause the bone to recede, making the denture fit improperly. Dentures that don't fit properly rub on the gums, resulting in slipping and shifting during speech and eating. This situation forces patients to apply messy adhesives to keep the prosthetic stable. Also, patients need to go back to the clinic for adjustments because of these problems.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are your long-term, safe, and dependable replacement for dentures. Among the types of dental implants are implant supported dentures, and full arch dentures. Also, if the number of missing teeth is not too many, your dentist might suggest implant bridges. Or if it’s just one tooth, a single tooth implant is perfect for you!

In order to replace the natural tooth roots' function of promoting healthy bone growth, a dental implant expert puts 2 to 8 dental implants into the jawbone. The prosthetic is attached for restoration purposes once the healing process is complete, often after 3–8 months. For cases that the bone density is not strong enough to hold a dental implant, bone grafting is performed. 

Bone deterioration problem is also solved by the implant post. Since dental implants function like normal teeth do, there is no need to worry about slipping, clicking sounds, or discomfort that are frequently associated with dentures. Patients can eat the foods they love & enjoy again.


There's no reason to continue dealing with the trouble of dentures when there are better options available. Call our dentist, Dr. Bashar, at our office in Edina, Minnesota right away to make an appointment and put an end to your uncomfortable dentures!