Gum Disease, Systemic Diseases and Oral Health

Gum Disease, Systemic Diseases and Oral Health

There are numerous dangers associated with gum disease. However, the focus of this article will be on the seven possible diseases that you may potentially acquire with gum disease. To be more precise, there is a connection between the state of your mouth and your overall health. It has been established that having gum disease is associated with seven systemic diseases listed below that have an impact on your overall health.

1. Heart Condition

2. Stroke

3. Erection Problems

4. Diabetes

5. Alzheimer's Condition

6. Pulmonary Infections

7. Low Birth Weight

Relationship Between Gum Disease and Systemic Disease It's critical to understand how poor oral hygiene might impact your overall health when discussing the relationship between gum disease and systemic diseases. When you have gingivitis, you essentially have bacteria in your mouth that causes your gums to become inflamed as a result of an infection. Gingivitis, if left untreated, progresses to gum disease. Gum disease can spread to other regions of your body through your bloodstream, if it is not treated when it is first diagnosed and is allowed to progress to a more advanced stage. Your dental health is intimately linked to the emergence of systemic diseases due to the spread of this bacteria.

Make an Appointment for your Gum Disease Examination. If you believe you may have gum disease, it is crucial that you make an appointment at our dental office in Edina, Minnesota. This will provide Dr. Bashar, the opportunity to assess you and, if necessary, administer the appropriate care to cure your gum disease and enhance your dental and overall health.