How Can I Have Confidence With Missing Teeth?

How Can I Have Confidence With Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth can cause a wide range of problems, including a decrease in self-confidence, difficulty chewing your favorite meals, shifting of teeth, and many others. 

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There are several health effects of missing teeth, including possible gum disease and infections.

Most dental infections developed in the gums around the tooth's former location, leading to swelling. Further effects of this infection is gingivitis. Other symptoms of potential gingivitis include bleeding gums when you floss, shifting of your bite, discomfort when biting, and pus buildup between the gums and teeth. Gingivitis can be potentially uncomfortable. It can make your daily life more challenging, especially when you try to eat and drink.

Also, your jaw and other teeth may become weak, which is another potential issue. This is due to the surrounding teeth having to work harder to chew as a result of the missing one. Which can result in weaker jaw muscles and in rare circumstances, temporomandibular joint disorder. Your temporomandibular joint connects your lower jawbone to the rest of your skull, and when it is overworked on one side, it can lead to difficulties that result in chewing discomfort as well as other problems.


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