How Effective is a Laser Gum Treatment

How Effective is a Laser Gum Treatment

Gum disease is dangerous for many adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), periodontitis or other types of gum disease affects roughly half of all Americans. Gum disease is an oral inflammatory condition that harms your gum tissues and occasionally your jawbone. Untreated, it can eventually result in severe tooth decay or in more severe situations, tooth loss. 

Laser gum surgery is among the recent developments in gum disease treatment. Your dentist will use a laser to remove inflammatory or broken gum tissue from the area surrounding the root of your tooth. The root will then be smoothened to remove any rough areas that could potentially harbor bacteria. The region between your gums and root will start to regenerate for some time, after the treatment.

Advantages of Laser Treatment 

1. Anesthesia may not be needed. 

2. Can target areas in your mouth exactly and accurately. 

3. Bleeding and damage on surrounding tissue is minimal. 

Because the technique is less invasive than standard surgery, pain and swelling are minimized. Multiple procedures can be carried out during the same visit, which is another benefit of laser gum therapy. Your gum disease treatment is more effective and faster since fewer appointments are necessary when local anesthetic is included. When you choose laser gum therapy, you'll get a more appealing and healthy smile.

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