Laser Gum Surgery: Guide, Procedure, Health Benefits

Laser Gum Surgery: Guide, Procedure, Health Benefits

Laser gum surgery provides significant health advantages since it enhances dental health by getting rid of microorganisms that could be harmful to your body. This is an extremely important dental procedure in Edina, Minnesota. Additionally, since your dental health and general health are linked, when you undergo laser gum surgery and enhance your oral health, you also enhance your overall health. Let's examine what laser gum surgery is, and how eliminating damaged gum tissue benefits your dental and general wellness.


You might wonder what is laser gum surgery. It involves precisely removing any damaged gum tissue and eliminating dangerous bacteria linked to advanced gum disease using a dental laser. When compared to more conventional methods, laser surgery has a number of additional advantages. Please take a look at the following bullet points for more information on these benefits.

  1. Due to the accuracy of medical lasers, only the injured tissues are removed. 
  2. Due to the absence of sutures, laser gum surgery is associated with less bleeding.
  3. In general, laser gum surgery heals more quickly since it is minimally invasive.


If left untreated, gum disease can eventually start to have an impact on your general health. This is due to the fact that, if left unchecked, all of the germs can migrate from your mouth to the rest of your body and start to affect other body systems. Heart disease, and diabetes are among the complications. Furthermore, even with treatment, the effects of gum disease in its severe stages are irreversible. Additionally, if your gum disease is advanced, you may already be losing teeth. Laser gum surgery can prevent tooth loss and improve your overall health.


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