September is National Gum Care Month!

September is National Gum Care Month!

The month of September marks National Gum Care awareness, an important occasion to promote healthy gums globally. Irrespective of age, individuals should strive for optimal oral hygiene, encompassing not just their teeth, but also their gums. Recent studies have revealed an escalation in medical conditions associated with infected gums, such as heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications, among others, highlighting the importance of preventing gum (periodontal) disease for both oral and overall health. The inflammation caused by bacteria can destroy gum tissue, allowing it to invade the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body, which underscores the significance of maintaining good oral health.

It is essential to recognize the signs of unhealthy gums, which include loose or shifting teeth, chronic bad breath, bleeding gums, redness, swelling, pus around teeth and gums, receding gums, gum tenderness, a bad taste in your mouth, and ill-fitting dentures. If you notice paler gums than usual, it is crucial to seek dental treatment promptly. Early intervention and proper oral care is key in treating gum disease.

To maintain healthy gums, individuals should follow certain guidelines, such as brushing their teeth twice daily, flossing at least once daily before brushing, receiving dental exams and cleanings every six months, consuming a healthy diet, avoiding substances such as tobacco and limiting alcohol and soda intake, replacing their toothbrush every two to three months, and exercising regularly to increase blood and saliva flow.

In addition, if home dental care is insufficient, there are alternative treatments available to prevent the mouth from any possible infection, including professional dental cleaning, scaling and root planing, pocket reduction, gum grafting, soft tissue grafting, prescribed medication, toothpaste, or mouthwash, and root canal therapy, if necessary.

Healthy gums are essential in maintaining good oral hygiene and keeping teeth in place. Our team in Edina, MN is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate treatment for your gum care needs. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns or schedule an appointment about your gum health. Let us help you achieve the dental health that you deserve.