Teeth Whitening: Fall In Love With Your Smile All Over Again

Teeth Whitening: Fall In Love With Your Smile All Over Again

Are you seeking immediate help to whiten your teeth? Did you try at home remedies but did not get the results you desire? It's time to see a cosmetic dentist in Edina, Minnesota, if you've tried over the counter medications or DIY remedies without success. You probably need professional teeth whitening to regain confidence and have that gorgeous looking smile. 


The kind of natural white you want for your teeth won't be achieved with over the counter teeth whitening treatments, although they may produce average results. Most over the counter teeth whitening products contain less peroxide gel and more fillers, this is so that they can maintain a longer shelf life. Thus, they won't give you the outcomes you want and deserve!

Home treatments on the other hand are commonly abrasive, excessive use of these products might damage your teeth. Don't keep trying if these solutions aren't giving you the outcomes you desire. Schedule a consultation at our Edina, Minnesota dental clinic.


Professional grade teeth whitening offers a quicker, more dependable solution. Also, professional grade teeth whitening often involves coating the surface of the teeth with a thick layer of peroxide gel. This way, dentists can target stains and discoloration deep inside your tooth enamel, afterwards, a specific light is used to trigger these whitening ingredients.

Your dentist will oversee your teeth-whitening procedure to guarantee that your new smile is radiantly white and harmonizes with your skin tone and facial features. Your smile will be several shades brighter in less than an hour! 


With professional grade teeth whitening from our superb dentist, Dr. Bashar, you can quickly get the smile of your dreams! Set up an appointment at our Edina, Minnesota clinic right away or call us at (612) 800-8002.