TMJ Disorder & Oral Health

TMJ Disorder & Oral Health

It's crucial to keep in mind that jaw pain may be caused by a problem with your oral health. A large proportion of people in Edina, Minnesota may have experienced jaw and facial pain. Since discomfort, and pain can come and go, it is frequently noted when it is severe and forgotten when it is transient. This causes either a delay in therapy or a complete avoidance of getting the proper care.

If a patient has jaw pain, they may be diagnosed with a disorder called temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Only your dentist can perform a thorough examination on you to determine whether your jaw pain is caused by TMJ disorder.

TMJ disorder, which affects your jaw muscles and nerves, can occur as a result of an injury to the joint that connects your jawbones to your skull. While the majority of adults who get TMJ syndrome only have mild symptoms, some people have a more severe form of the condition.

The following types of pain can result from this more severe and advanced form:

• Upsetting pain behind and around your ear

• Jaw pain or discomfort

• Aches or discomfort when chewing

• A swollen face

• Migraine

• Locking of joints

A patient can also detect TMJ disorder at home if they experience any clicking, popping, or grinding when eating or opening their mouth. It is safe to assume that you may be developing a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, if you encounter any of these symptoms.

Teeth grinding, bad posture, excessive gum chewing, tension, anxiety, arthritis, and injuries to the teeth or jaw are just a few of the many factors that can contribute to TMJ disorder. It's crucial to watch out for these things.

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