TMJ Disorder Prevention and Treatments

TMJ Disorder Prevention and Treatments

Proper care of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) involves understanding the causes of TMJ disorders and implementing appropriate treatments. A TMJ disorder results from damage to the intricate ball and socket joints in the jaw.

Some frequently asked questions about TMJs and TMJ disorders include:

What is a TMJ? A TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, refers to the joints in the jaw that facilitate movement for activities such as chewing, speaking, and eating.

What are some risk factors for TMJ disorders? Common risk factors for TMJ disorders include bruxism, nail-biting, consumption of tough foods, arthritis, and misalignment or dislocation of the teeth and jaw.

What are some effective methods for treating TMJ disorders? To alleviate TMJ disorders, several approaches can be employed, including meditative therapies like yoga and calming music, jaw exercises, night guards, bite plates, a softer diet, and stress-reducing techniques.

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