Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Why is it important to replace missing teeth? Many people think that missing a tooth or sets of teeth, only affects their confidence but not their health. It's important to understand that over 40 million Americans who have at least one missing tooth encounter difficulties beyond just aesthetic appeal. Most people don't like how their mouth looks when they have missing teeth, but there may be other more serious health issues associated with this.


If you have missing teeth, it’s easy to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in both your personal and professional lives.


The jawbone is secured by the tooth's root, which encourages bone growth and regeneration. If the root is lost, the bone may fall apart. Since dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone, bone loss might have an effect on the overall outcome and performance of your dental implants.


Each tooth holds other teeth around it in place. Once you are missing a tooth, the others can shift over time and misalign. If you once had a beautiful smile, you may quickly notice that your teeth are gradually shifting. When you lose teeth, it’s important to replace them quickly so the others don’t shift or move.


Your entire health greatly benefits from taking care of your teeth and gums. It may be more difficult to reach specific places to floss or brush if the teeth have shifted. Periodontal disease can quickly set in, if bacteria and plaque are allowed to build up on your teeth. Over time, this may result in more teeth falling out.


You may experience issues with your temporomandibular joint if the upper and lower jaws don't come together when you bite down. You can experience jaw pain, headaches, clicking sounds, and the inability to fully expand your jaw as your teeth gradually shift out of position.


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