Dental Implant: Guide, Stages, Costs

Dental Implant: Guide, Stages, Costs

Dental implant surgery is the procedure of implanting ceramic crowns to create natural-looking, supporting teeth that are held in place by titanium "roots" that are inserted into the jawbone. It replaces missing teeth, and improves the quality of life of patients in Edina, Minnesota. Dental implant surgery is a time-consuming procedure, but the benefits are well worth the wait. 

If you've ever considered having dental implant surgery, the amount of information available may seem overwhelming. To help you, we've summarized some of the most important points.


Cost should be taken into consideration while considering dental implant surgery. The cost may vary depending on the type of implant. Medical insurance may not be an option for coverage because this operation is not cheap. Payment arrangements can be made with your dental implant surgeon and should be negotiated before the procedure.


Dental implant surgery is often carried out in stages and is not a quick remedy. The work is not totally finished until the bones have bonded to the implant, which takes several months. There are ways that allow for the extraction and replacement to happen in one day. Your ceramic crowns are positioned to create your new ideal smile after the fusing of titanium and bone, which creates your new dental roots.

Titanium is used in dental implants to create the framework and security for your new teeth. Because of its strength and capacity to exist inside the body without damaging neighbouring tissues, titanium is the metal of choice. It's quite unlikely that titanium will have any unfavourable effects.

Your doctor will determine if your jawbone structure is sturdy enough to support the implant during your dental implant consultation. If not, bone grafting can be carried out to strengthen your jawbone and may extend the amount of time it takes for you to recuperate before getting an implant.


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