Important Reasons to Replace your Missing Teeth

Important Reasons to Replace your Missing Teeth

Replacement should be your primary priority if you have lost a tooth due to an accident or you need to extract your tooth due to tooth decay. Why? In addition to its cosmetic advantages, tooth replacement helps protect bone tissue and prevent additional dental and medical problems. Dental implant surgery performed by Dr. Bashar, a seasoned dentist in Edina, Minnesota, can help you maintain both your smile and your overall health.


You might have to avoid eating apples, steaks, and other hard foods if you can't properly bite or chew them. However with dental implants, you can speak clearly and eat the foods you love, in addition to the self-confidence that comes with a gap-free smile.


Missing teeth might potentially cause health problems. Also, your bite may change as a result of surrounding teeth shifting over time and becoming misaligned. A build-up of plaque, bacteria, and illness may result from the spacing or crowding of misaligned teeth, which can create difficult to clean areas in your mouth. These areas can become a breeding ground for gum disease, further tooth loss, and a host of other illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many other potential diseases.

Loss of jaw bone is an issue if missing teeth are not replaced. Without the roots of a natural or implanted tooth, the bone erodes, affecting the shape of your face and making it difficult to place dentures or get implants in the future.


By taking over the duties originally performed by the teeth's roots, dental implants help preserve the jaw bone. You can eat and speak properly thanks to their strength, durability, and stability. Dental implants can survive for 30 years or even longer with good maintenance and routine checkups.


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