Your Guide To Choosing Teeth Alternatives

Your Guide To Choosing Teeth Alternatives

A tooth implant surgery is slightly different from other methods of restoring missing teeth and offers you benefits that are life changing. With an implant, you can stop bone loss from happening, which is not the case with dentures. For individuals who do not wish to have surgery, dentures offer a perfect solution.

Implants Vs. Dentures

For many years, dentures have been the well-loved dental replacement procedure for missing teeth. For people who are missing teeth due to a variety of factors, dentures are a lovely option. Even with dental implants, dentures are still a great option for many patients because they are less expensive than implants and not everyone is a candidate for surgery.

Some people find undergoing dental implant surgery to be a difficult procedure. While others would rather forego this choice because the implant surgery can take some time. If you want dental implants, you must also have strong jawbones to support the implant. If not, bone grafting surgery is a must. Dentures are a good option if you don't want to deal with the added healing time or expense of grafting.

Not losing jawbone density is a significant benefit of getting dental implants. Dentures may cause you to experience bone loss, whereas dental implants maintain the form of your face on their own.

Your dental implants are just like your natural teeth. You will continue to brush and floss as usual, and eat the foods you love. Maintaining healthy teeth and implants also requires routine dental visits. Dentures may be cleaned at night by soaking them, and they are detachable.

Consult Dr. Bashar in Edina, Minnesota, if you believe dentures or dental implants will be beneficial for you. Dr. Bashar will be able to walk you through your options at your consultation.